Beyond Academics

Beyond Academics

Since every student is different and interests differ with every individual; we have a    variety of activities on offer, few of them are as follows:

Special Days

All the significant days are highlighted not just by word but through actions. We hold assemblies, programs, seminars, fancy dress competitions etc.

Field Trips

A social outing fetches both educational and recreational benefits. Glorium educates students through real time exposure by visiting places, factories, parks, museums.

Clubs-House Points

A healthy competition always pushes you a little more towards achieving and brightening your spark along with pushing your boundaries a little more.

Green Initiatives

Going Green falls into everyone’s social responsibility and we make it a point to imbibe these little yet important qualities of saving and building a green environment.

  • Wet & Dry Garbage (Rajender Nagar GHMC)
  • Planting around us
  • Neat and Clean drive in campus
  • Save paper & Save trees campaign

Outdoor Sports

A sport wins you game and attitude. Enriching the importance of sports builds motor skills and strengthens the development of social responsibility. Glorium provides students with a playground. Events such as sports meet, sports week, PT periods, Mass Drill etc. to ensure its student’s physical fitness.

  • Foot ball
  • Karate
  • Sports Intra- school Competitions
  • Sports Inter-school Competitions


“A thinking mind needs a speaking tongue”. Nothing justifies inculcating this better than a practice of words. A powerful thought well put forward is a sure shot win. Glorium encourages students to pick these skills in organizing debates, elocution and many more. A confident thoughtful mouth is all it takes to make heads turn in today’s global world.


The spectrum of art and cultural interests is big. We promote building interests of its students to configure creative thinking. We ensure that talents meet opportunities to get showcased on the other side of the curtain and not be retained within four walls. The opportunities come often through a variety of programs like competitions, festivals, workshops, shows. Art doesn’t limit itself to immense creativity but also contributes to aesthetic sensibility.

Re-creational Activities, Indoor Sports

Beyond papers of past, there’s scope to make history. We believe, the umbrella of art and sport is widespread and each student possesses one or more talented corners. Embracing the unseen, enhancing the seen is an important activity that should be given weightage to. Indoor and outdoor are given equal priority by setting up the required amenities and environment to excel.

  • Play Area
  • Chess
  • Carrom
  • Other Board Games
  • Skating
  • Indoor Cricket

Modern Day Skills

Today’s world has picked pace in building and silver lining the students outlook. Good communication skills have a prominent role to play highlighting the importance of building an impressive personality

English– Special sessions for enhancing English speaking skills are held to inculcate better vocal and verbal usage.