We Are Glorium Schools

Discover By Doing, Learn By Playing & Study By Exploring!

Admissions are open from Nursery to Class X

We Are Glorium Schools

We inspire students from 3 to 15 years of age to be responsive learners, ready to succeed in the changing modern world.

Glorium School stands out to be one of the Premium educational institutions in shaping healthy minds and creating all-round personalities. Along with time-competing academic excellence, we inculcate a number of life skills and manifest life-blooming morals and values to face the ever-changing globe in the years explored and yet to be explored.

Improved Curriculum to Prepare Students For The Diverse Challenges of The Present and The Future.

“To nurture young minds and develop their moral, ethical, human and spiritual values, develop character and self-reliance with an ingrained passion in pursuit of excellence”.

We follow the CBSE-based pattern of education system such as 5+3+3+4 steps to improve the skills of our students and their grades.

Harper Collins Framework Integrated with CBSE Curriculum!!